Nurse Practitioner, Supervisor - Pain/Palliative

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Clinical responsibilities include: Under the direction and supervision of the Chair of Pain & Palliative Medicine Institute, the Sup, Mid-Level Pain/Palliative is responsible to manage a variety of patients in the Inpatient and Outpatient care setting. The Sup, Mid-Level Pain/Palliative provides direct and indirect patient care optimizing patient safety to a patient population consisting of, but not limited to Pain and Palliative Medicine. Administrative duties include: managing other Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs in the department, assisting administration with scheduling, review of Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs duties and performance, and ensuring appropriate utilization of Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs throughout the inpatient and outpatient services. Sup, Mid-Level Pain/Palliative oversees daily departmental inpatient and outpatient operations, works closely with the Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs in the department and acts as a liaison between them and the Administrative Director and Chairman.


Administrative Functions: 1. Assists in the selection of Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs and other professional staff. 2. Completes annual evaluations for APNs/PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs. And collaborates with Chair and Administrative Director regarding Physician evaluations. 3. Oversees the training and onboarding of all new Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs on clinical protocols and procedures. Defines job expectations and monitors productivity. 4. Develops and implements competencies for Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs with collaboration from the Administrative Directors and Chairman. 5. Responsible for scheduling and assignment of Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs to maintain appropriate staffing and coverage; e.g. PTO, on call. 6. Management of inpatient palliative care team work flow. 7. Develops and implements process improvement initiatives and procedures for the Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs. Organizes and provides in-service education for Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs. 8. Develops and implements competencies for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in accordance with the APN and PA council's competency guidelines as well as Institute specific guidelines. 9. Leads and innovates development and implementation of Institute and hospital quality improvement initiatives. Works in conjunction with clinical staff to recommend, evaluate and procure new technology and supplies for the Department. 10. Assures compliance with practice standards for the safe delivery of care; works with PICC, HRO, Patient Experience, Risk Management, and other committees to remediate or provide service recovery on behalf of the hospital or Institute. 11. Leads and collaborates with Chair and Administrative Director Pain & Palliative Medicine Institute and Pediatric Pain & Palliative Care regarding Palliative Quality Council; sets agenda, follow up regarding task completion. 12. Responsible for assuring that compliance policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to. Adhere to Joint Commission Standards as related

to Advanced Certification of Palliative Care and VAD Certification. 13. Facilitates Institute data and metric collection, analysis, and presentations; adult and pediatric settings. 14. Collaborates with Pastoral Care Department; creating and updating EPIC Chaplain template and completes co-signature for Chaplains collaborating with Inpatient Palliative Care Service. 15. Represents the Institute and the Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs at network, hospital and Department/Institute staff meetings, EPIC work groups, ACP work group, pain meetings and others. 16. Lead Institute EPIC template evaluations and revisions for pain and palliative services. 17. Interacts with network and external organizations and vendors, etc. representing Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs for the Department/Institute. 18. Provides liaison functions between the Institute and Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant, staff physicians, administration, other departments and external groups. 19. Communicates and collaborates with the APN and PA councils for updates in Advance Practice Provider guidelines and policies. 20. Clinical supervision and annual review of the clinical skills of the Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants will be done by the supervising/collaborating physicians. The Clinical Sup, Pain/Palliative is responsible for the administrative portion of the annual review and participates in disciplinary actions with input from the supervising/collaborating physicians, and Administrative Director where applicable. 21. Responsible for rounding with all Physicians/APNs/ PAs/RNs/LSWs/MAs team members within the department on a periodic basis. 22. Coordinate with Institute's Administrative Assistant with Institute, Chair and other calendar, project, and administrative needs. 23. Coordinator Doula Volunteer Program (on campus and external sites). 24. Create Doula Volunteer Curriculum and maintenance of supportive learning. Clinical Functions: 1. Coordinate and implement inpatient consultation services in palliative care. 2. Implements secondary consults for high risk and complex patients. 3. Facilitate clarification of patient and family goals of care. 4. Consult with the attending physician and the Interdisciplinary Team to establish a written plan of care at intervals specified in the plan. 5. Facilitate access to appropriate supportive care services. 6. Facilitate family meetings. 7. Facilitate outpatient palliative care service in Pain & Palliative Medicine Institute. 8. Full and appropriate documentation of patient care services to support professional billing for these services. 9. HMH site program development; e.g. Palisades. 10. Facilitate clinical and observational site visits for network and external clinical professionals and teams. 11. Education of patients, families and community members. 12. Education of professional stakeholders; lunch and learns, Grand Rounds, annual conferences, Pain & Palliative Champion Program, Palliative Mentor Program etc. 13. Write curriculum and presentations for professionals teaching pain and palliative care; mentor the process of educating attendees and the professional's delivery. 14. Collaborate with Marketing, PR, Nursing and Medical Education and other stakeholders to promote Institutional and network educational opportunities. 15. Precept, mentor and round with students (NP, SW, medical students, nursing, and others), Residents and Fellows. 16. Developing palliative care curriculum at Medical School. 17. Collaborates with short and long term care facility liaisons to educate current and potential referral sources. 18. Participation in on-call coverage with the Dept Pain & Palliative Medicine. 19. Weekly participation in interdisciplinary team meetings to review active cases. 20. Adhere to the practice of confidentiality regarding patients, families, staff, and the organization. 21. Conduct and participate with palliative research projects when approved by the IRB.


Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: 1. Master of Nursing in Adult or Family Nursing Practice. 2. Graduate level Palliative or End of Life Care Education. 3. Board certified in Adult or Family Nursing Practice. 4. Board certified in Palliative Medicine within 1 year of hire. 5. 2 years of palliative care clinical experience. 6. Excellent communication skill and interpersonal skills. 7. Demonstrated knowledge about home care, hospice, palliative care, advance care planning, pain management, symptom control, and discharge planning. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Preferred: Licenses and Certifications Required: 1. Active and in good standing NJ state APN license. Licenses and Certifications Preferred:

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