Medical Technician III

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How have you impacted someone’s life today?  At Hackensack Meridian Health our healthcare teams are focused on changing the lives of our patients by providing the highest level of care each and every day.  From our hospitals, rehab centers and occupational health teams to our long-term care centers and at-home care capabilities, our complete spectrum of services will allow you to apply your skills in multiple settings while building your career all within New Jersey’s premier healthcare system.

The Medical Technician III is responsible for performing and recording a broad range of more complex laboratory testing with minimal supervision, in conjunction with additional complex duties in specialized areas including Blood Bank, Molecular Diagnostics, POC, Special Coagulation, Special Immunology and Virology.


Essential Generic Job Functions (List in order of importance):


  1. Performs all complex testing in the above areas in a timely and accurate manner.
  2. Correlates and understands the theory of complex testing procedures including associating the results to patient diagnosis and clinical condition.
  3. Performs the duties of the senior technologist and/or is responsible for running the section when required to do so on weekends and holidays, and during weekdays when both the section head and the assistant section head are absent.
  4. Performs complex maintenance on all sophisticated instrumentation
  5. Works with the section head in preparing the section for accreditation inspections
  6. Interacts with inspectors during accreditation inspections to answer technical questions
  7. Performs comparison trials and final analysis of new techniques and equipment
  8. Prepares and updates documents and SOP’s needed for inspections by accreditation agencies
  9. Participates as a member of a laboratory inspection team as needed.
  10. Works with the section head to document competencies within the section
  11. Documents all quality control procedures performed and document corrective action when QC is out of range.
  12. Performs advanced troubleshooting of complex instruments within the section
  13. Instructs and trains new MT students during their clinical rotations.
  14. Trains newly assigned employees
  15. Maintains complete and accurate records, i.e., instrument worksheets and maintenance sheets.
  16. Calibrates and standardizes all sophisticated instrumentation according to sectional guidelines.
  17. Maintains an adequate level of supplies. Performs Inventory control and ordering as needed
  18. Checks and standardizes reagents.
  19. Performs all system functions necessary to achieve the timely reporting of results.
  20. Identifies the needs of the patient population served and modifies and delivers care that is specific to those needs (ie, age, culture, language, hearing and/or visually impaired, etc.). This process includes communicating with the patient, parent, and/or primary caregiver(s) at their level (developmental/age, educational, literacy, etc.)
  21. Lifts a minimum of 40 lbs., pushes and pulls a minimum of 50 lbs. and stands a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  22. Adheres to the standards identified in the Medical Center's Organizational Competencies.




Blood Bank


  1. Assesses and maintains blood and blood component inventory to meet patients needs and special requirements
  2. Trains the pathology residents in basic Blood Bank protocols
  3. Performs acquired B determinations, RESt adsorptions, W.A.R.M adsorptions, and adsorption/elution procedures
  4. Performs comparison trials and final analyses of new Blood Bank techniques.


Special Coagulation


  1. Accurately performs all factor testing, ATIII, Plasminogen, A2Antiplasmin, Low Molecular weight and unfractionated heparins, VWF antigens, Ristocetin Cogfactors, Platelet aggregations, LAP, Protein C, Protein S, Hgb electrophoresis (Alkaline and Acid) Protein electrophoreses, Immunofixations, oligoclonal bands
  2. IFA Legionella, Heparin induced platelet antdibodies, Fluorescent testing for ANA titers, AMA, Smooth muscle antibody and all Elisa testing


Molecular Diagnostics


  1. Accurately performs DNA sequencing, STR/chimerism testing, FISH, PCR for detecting genetic disorders/gene arrangement.
  2.  MSI MTD procedures, GeneProbe for Mycobacterial identification
  3. Multiplex PCR for identification of Factor V Leiden, Prothrombin G20210A and MTHFR C677Y Mutation by multiples, Allele Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction and all other molecular diagnostic procedures in a timely and accurate manner.


Point of Care


  1. Evaluates new requests for point of care testing and assists the test sites in establishing procedures, protocols and patient correlation studies as necessary
  2. Schedules and /or performs semi-annual instrument test correlations as dictated by test complexity category
  3. Monitors and follows up on Glucose interface issues
  4. Coordinates the analysis of CAP unknown specimens at POC test sites by qualified staff


Clinical Virology


  1. Correctly utilizes aseptic technique to perform all Virology functions such as : cell culture, serology, serial dilutions, and viral antigen testing.
  2. Microscopy:  Proper use and maintenance of inverted, light and flruorescent microscopes.
  3. Accurate performance of immunodiagnostic assays utilizing the VIDAS instrument, and immunofluorescent assays.


Special Immunology


  1. Accurately utilizes a flow cytometer instrument for all immunophenotypic and functional assays offered by the department
  2. Accurately matches an ordered test with an orderable panel
  3. Performs high quality analysis to characterize normal and abnormal cell populations as well as discriminating the immunophenotype of minor population including M.R.D. (Minimal Residual Disease) analysis
  4. Performs ELISA testing for Specific IgD and other analytes as offered by the department for both clinical and research endeavors.
  5. Actively participates in Journal Club, in performing research assays, and development of new tests through validation studies.


Knowledge, Education and Skills Required:


  1. College graduate with Associates degree.
  2. 6 years clinical experience in area of application with at least 2 years within medical center laboratory setting in same area


Note: Exception to the HUMC specific experience requirement – Molecular Diagnostics


Knowledge, Education and Skills Preferred:


  1. Previous hospital experience a plus


Required Certification/Licensing:  


  1. ASCP or equivalent eligible.


Preferred Certification/Licensing:  


  1. Certified as MLT (ASCP) or CLT (NCA).   

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