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As part of our program, high school students entering their senior year will have a chance to experience the chance to experience “a day in the life” of talented professionals in an exceptional health care environment. Participants will learn about the various and diverse opportunities in the healthcare settings. Most importantly, graduates of our program are more confident about their future career choices.

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“During this program, I have come to see health care in a more universal way and understand how doctors do so much more than just treat a patient’s physical ailments. At one point, I was able to witness a doctor discussing life and death issues with a patient’s family. He responded to the questions of the family with empathy and kindness, taking time to make sure the family understood what was happening with their relative. This experience showed me the emotional side of patient-doctor relationships.”

Nicole Rabinowitz

“While interning at Hackensack Meridian Hospital for the past six months, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to the day-to-day practices of a biomedical engineer. I assisted in repairing and programing infusion pumps, ultrasonography devices, C-section surgical apparatuses, and various 3D printing equipment throughout all wings of the hospital. During the internship phase, I was also able to interact with top medical practitioners in the field. As I get ready to attend college, this apprenticeship has been an invaluable experience. I have been able to grow, and learn about the possible career I could have in the future.”

Gwenyth Gorfin

“During my time with the H.S. Academy for Career Exploration, I have been interning within two roles: pharmacy technician and pharmacist. This experience has actually been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for me. I have learned that working in the pharmacy is not for me. I would recommend this program to other students because it shows you that medical careers are not just about the money you could make but the passion you have for the role.”

Justin Ryu

“During my time with the Hackensack University Medical Center, I was working within the Accountable Health Communities program. I helped to screen patients and then connect them to services in their community to improve their health. From shadowing my mentor to going on hospital runs, I learned a lot! For example, sometimes we would go to the Geriatrics wing in the hospital to communicate with patients who might not have had food or reliable transportation services.”

David Kwak

“Besides learning how to be diligent, through this experience I was able to understand the importance of the biomedical team to the hospital. Also, I discovered that the actual work environment can be very fun and exciting when you get to know the people there.”

Justin Ryu

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There are multiple advantages to beginning your career exploration with us:

35,338 Team Members
3 of our hospitals are ranked in the top 10 of NJ

At Hackensack Meridian Health, you will be growing and exploring in a supportive and truly exceptional environment.